Wednesday, 25 November 2015

How You can Maintain Your Wooden Staircase

A wooden staircase does add character and elegance to any home. If you are remodeling your home and you want to give it a new look and ambience, wooden stairs is definitely something that is worth considering. If you already have one, you know how important it is that it looks clean and well maintained. A shabby looking staircase can have a negative impact on the looks of a home.

Maintaining a wooden staircase is not difficult. All it requires is a little care and effort. Here are some ideas for you.

Basics of maintenance

Clean regularly: Daily vacuuming and sweeping will minimize the dirt and grit that collect on the stairs. These can be abrasive and each footfall can grind them into the finish, acting like sandpaper. Avoid using water on the stairs. Even with careful drying, some moisture may remain in the corners and crevices. This will soak into the wood and leave stains or even cause warping. If a thorough cleaning is required, use a cleaner that is made specifically for the floor finish on the stairs, for example a solvent-based liquid wax for waxed stairs.

Remove scratches and dents: Small scratches and dents need to be fixed promptly before the damage spreads. The best way to do this is by applying a fresh layer of wax on the scratched/damaged area. If it is a little deep, rub the area with penetrating finish and steel wool before applying the wax.

Remove mold: Mold can develop and spread quickly on wooden surfaces in humid conditions. Wiping it away is not enough as it will return rapidly unless the spores are killed. One way of doing this is to use a cleaning solution of half a cup of bleach dissolved in a gallon of water. Wipe down not just the spots where mold is visible, but the surrounding areas as well because the spores may be starting to grow there. Once the mold is removed, the stairs can be refinished.

Prevent damage: Place rugs near the staircase to remove gravel and grit from shoes. Otherwise, scratches will develop quickly. When you move furniture or large/heavy objects up or down the staircase, it is better to take this precaution: cover the legs, corners and any projections of those objects with foam padding or bubble wrap to prevent the stairs from getting damaged. Avoid using the stairs when wearing heavy shoes with studs, stiletto heel or other soles that could cause damage to the wood finish.
If your wooden staircase looks old and worn, the best thing for you to do is to call in a professional staircase manufacturing and renovation company. They will have the knowledge, experience, tools and materials to do the refurbishing and repairs that are needed to bring it back to life and add character to your home. DIY can only do so much. Delaying specialist care could render stairs irreparable, necessitating replacement.

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