Thursday, 24 September 2015

Don’t Waste the Space under the Staircase

Extra space is always welcome in a home. Modern design has come up with a vast number of space saving storage ideas. But one part of a home which in most cases lies unused and wasted is the area under a staircase; it is never used imaginatively or is just taken as a place to dump unwanted things like a broken table or chair. There is a lot you can do with that space; so think about the way you can use it when you remodel or build a new home. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

  • An entertainment center: The space is ideal for installing a built-in entertainment center with a large flat screen TV, receptacles for DVD players, gaming consoles, drawers for remotes and whatever else you want to add. There will be enough space to have a cabinet to store your DVDs, and maybe even a small bookcase to keep your entertainment related reading material. 
  • A reading nook: A banquette under the stairs with a nice mattress and lots of pillows can make a great place to read in peace or just lie back and do nothing. A nice light and a small shelf along the wall to keep a few books will complete the picture. Cabinets at the base of the banquette will give you extra storage. 
  • A display area: Why not create an alcove under the stairs to showcase your treasured keepsakes? Give the alcove a different paint and some special lighting and you have a display area that may even detract from the items on show. 
  • A place for the kids’ stuff: Kids always need space to dump things, especially when coming home. Hooks along the walls, a bench with cubbies under it, with baskets for keeping their things in and a mat to place wet/dirty shoes on will keep the clutter under control and the rest of the home looking tidy. 
  • A work space: A built-in table, below table cabinets and drawers and a few small shelves along the wall is all you need to make a nice little workspace. Remember to put in outlets for the computers and other gadgets you use.  
  • A pet space: Your dog will love to have a space to call his own. A washable mat, a bowl for water is all he needs. Put in a few shelves to keep his toys, leash and other accessories and both you and he are organized and happy.  
  • A bookcase:  If your staircase is narrow with not-much-depth under it, a books case is a good idea. It will maximize the vertical storage space and free up other areas for other uses.
Use it as you want
These are just a few ideas to think about. You can use the space under the staircase for almost anything. To maximize the potential, have your staircase built or remodeled by a company that specializes in staircase design and construction. They will be able to give you designs and ideas that only a professional will know. That way you not only get a staircase that enhances the look of your home, but also gives you the extra space you always wanted.

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