Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Ups And Downs of Your Home

Log cabins do not need staircases. Your home does. Rarely will one floor give you the living space your family needs. A second (and perhaps third) story will give you the room you need to live in comfort. Obviously that means, the home will have a staircase. But a stairway is not just a functional part of the home, like the roof. It is an integral part of the interior and an architectural and design feature that contributes greatly to the look and ambience of the house. With the variety of materials and design options available today, the right staircase can enhance the style of your home.

Change the Staircase – Change the Home


One of the most effective ways of giving your home a new look and feel is to change or renovate the staircase. This can be done either as part of a home remodeling project or as a standalone job. Installing a new staircase is more than just construction. It must be done with some knowledge of design and the use of the right materials to maximize the aesthetic appeal. This can only be done by a company that specializes in staircase design, construction and renovation.

When a new staircase is to be installed, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account at the planning stage itself. The first is, of course, the budget. Rather than looking at the money available and allocating an arbitrary amount for the new staircase, it makes sense to talk to people who are experts in this field. They will be able to take a holistic view of your home, your needs and your budget to suggest a number of options for you to consider. Often the ideas offered to you will provide you with a type of staircase that you did not know existed at a cost that is ideal for you.

Then, there is the issue of the location. Just because your existing staircase is at one place does not mean that there are no other options available. Staircase experts may be able to suggest another location that could save space, be more convenient and also add to your home’s appeal.

And then we come to design and materials. Terms such as Hanging Stairs, Tree Stairs, Spiral Slide Staircase, Sloping Stairs and so on may be new and unknown to you, but not to experts. They will be able to show you the various designs that will work in your home and tell you about the benefits of each. Are your family great readers? Are a huge number of books cluttering up your home? Maybe a Bookcase Staircase will offer you a solution to your problems.

What materials appeal to you? Which ones will work best in your home? You need someone who knows wood, stainless steel, wrought iron, aluminum, glass etc. to show you the options and help you make the right choices.

It’s Your Home


A problem with many remodelers and staircase construction companies is that they drown you with technical jargon and when you are feeling inundated and lost, they push you towards a staircase design and materials that they think will suit you. Your home belongs to you and while advice is always welcome, the final decisions must be yours. That is why a company that has a professional, client oriented approach is the best. A company that is happy to spend time working with you to help (and not force) you to make the right choices is a company you can trust. The fact that a company is not limited to doing what they want, but what you want, means that it is not restricted to only some types of staircase projects. It is one that has the experience, expertise and abilities to do what you want.

You will not be changing staircases like you do curtains. Your new staircase needs to last, and look good, for many years to come – usually for as long as you continue to live in your home. A company that specializes in staircase design, construction and renovation will be able to provide you with this.