Friday, 24 April 2015

Basic Staircase Designs

A staircase is not just the link that connects different levels of a house. It is a hugely important architectural, design feature that plays a major role in defining the kind of home you live in. Whether you want a modern, traditional, elegant, rustic or any other look to your home, there is a staircase that can add to the effect. It does not matter if you are building a new house, adding another level to an existing building or remodeling, the staircase cannot be taken for granted. There are a huge variety of staircase designs to choose from and the personalization of whatever concept you choose can make your staircase, and your home, truly unique.

The best way to get started on choosing a staircase is to begin with the 5 basic designs and then go on from there.

Curved Stairs

Curved stairs are by nature, very dramatic. The kind of impact that it makes will depend on the concepts and design features you decide to adopt. You could have a dramatic incline. It could be free standing. Or it could nestle against a curved wall. A curved staircase can be designed to suit the dimension of both large and small spaces.

Spiral Stairs

A spiral staircase can add a special visual effect to any home, and is a sure fire conversation starter with first time visitors.  These stairs can be built from a wide range of materials including metal, wood and even glass. The material used should complement the d├ęcor of your home to maximize visual impact. It is important to note that this staircase design is not suitable for everyone and the elderly or those with some physical disabilities may have problems in using them. If you are in doubt about the ability of family members and visitors of using these type of stairs, it may be better to opt for another design or to use the spiral staircase as a secondary stairway in the home.

Circular Stairs

If you want to add a dramatic touch to your home, circular stairs may be the way to go. If the space available is large, circular stairs can add a sweeping and sophisticated aura to a home. It is important to ensure that the size of the staircase does not overshadow the rest of the home. You could consider having the stairs curved around a center post or perhaps cushioned against a wall to give it a free standing look.

Flared Stairs

Flared stairs are a great way of adding elegance to your home in a subtle and understated manner. It can be very effective when space is limited but a special staircase is needed to give the home a unique feel and look. 

Straight Stairs

As the name says, a straight staircase is one that has no turns, landings or curves. It goes straight up and down and is often the right choice where space is limited. Just because straight staircases are the most common, that does not mean that they have to be boring. The wide range of materials and railing options allow you to create a stairway that is not only unique to your home, but also one that fits any available space. 

When deciding on the type of staircase you want in your home, the advice of an experienced and reputed staircase manufacturing and installation company is vital. They can help you find the concept that will give you the look you want and also help you to decide on the materials to be used. The best companies are those with extensive construction and design experience that enables them to ensure that the staircase in your home not only looks great, but is also stable and safe.